Interbank infrastructure for the circulation of the cryptocurrency liquidity and HFT-trading

Geodecentralized Exchange GridEx

Working principle

Special cluster for the processing of transactions in the Order Book and to store the Order Book state.

Each Order Book on his Server

Capacity 10 GBit / sec

The entire history of each Order Books, all crypto-Wallets and cryptocurrency are stored in the Swiss data center

Protection against hacker attacks any level

Special cluster for the processing of transactions in the Order Book and to store the Order Book state. In the event of a hardware failure, the infrastructure of the incremental backup, guarantees the recovery of the cluster

Geodecentralized infrastructure

Geodecentralized GridEx infrastructure, allows to ensure stable operation of the HFT exchange in all time zones, 24 hours a day.

Token owner

discount 50%
for 1 year

For all usersof the commission in the exchange of cryptocurrencies in the case of the payment of GEX-tokens purchased from the tokensale



that was received on the early stages of presale and tokensale


10% of the token Partners fund for the collaboration with financial institutions

5% of the token Reserve fund

10% of the token are blocked for 1 year for the project team

5% of the token Marketing, PR, Advisors

70% of the token For sale


November 2016

Formation of the idea

June 2017

Marketing research

May 2018

Development of the prototype.

Private sales for big investors

July-August 2018

Private Presale

Q4 2018

stage 1

Start a cryptocurrency stock exchange, the HFT (high frequency trading), the active server cluster with tradable instruments will be located in the Switzerland. In the case of getting permission of supervisory authorities in the respective countries, additional clusters are opened for trade in these countries.

Traded instruments are at the start of trading GEX/BTC, GEX/ ETH, GEX/LTC, GEX/XTZ, XTZ/BTC, ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC.

For trade is a web client and an API for Algotrade. In the future, cryptocurrencies, with high liquidity and high valuation will be added in coordination with GEX-Token.

Q1 2019

stage 2

An App in the Form of a trading terminal with an expanded set of instruments of technical analysis and with the support of the user-defined plugins of technical analysis and autotrading.

Q2 2019

stage 3

Exchange failure insurance via the Ethereum Smart Contract with payment of insurance sum in ETH or in GEX-Token.

Q3 2019

stage 4

Digital depository for users with special security requirements

Q4 2019

stage 5

Implementation of high-performance blockchain, GEX, reference implementation in F#, with the support of the smart contracts without turing-completeness for the implementation of the insurance obligations of the stock exchange and other tasks of the infrastructure of GridEx with a further Transfer of the GEX-Token of the Ethereum-Blockchain on the GEX-Blockchain.


stage 6

Start of additional data centers of the exchange in different regions of the world with different Order Books, but common balance sheets for the user


Anton Ternavsky


Over 20 years of experience in programming. Chief and development architect of the trading and analytical platform AlterTrader. Worked in well known Russian IT-companies as a development leader. Worked in CJSC “Kaspersky Lab” for the last 9 years.

Evgeny Ternavsky


Over 14 years of experience in Trader, leader, innovator, inventor, crypto enthusiast. Professional with more than 11 years experience in the international trade of raw materials.

Eugen Ambur

Business development manager

he list of advisers will be published soon which will include market leaders in the Swiss financial sector.

Sergey Nebosenko

Software Developer

For the last 10 years worked at the Russian Mission Control Center as a software developer. Worked on the International Space Station (ISS) program, and with small and medium-sized satellites.